International Itinerary

Upcoming Trips of Dr. Michelle Corral


Ethiopia Medical Mission & Pastors Conference March 2023

–  Itinerary duration EARLY MARCH 2023


Fire and Anointing Pastors Conference Beit Al Wadi (Egypt)

–  Itinerary duration 9/17 to 9/22

Breath of the Spirit Ministries and Chesed for Humanity International have been blessed to be able to sponsor hundreds of Christian pastors in Egypt. 

In September 2022, our team will be travelling to Egypt to hold the International Pastors Conference and help bring support to the persecuted church. 

You can sponsor a pastor today by sowing your seed.

Jesus the Rabbi Tour – Israel

–  Itinerary duration 10/11 to 10/18

This October, Dr. Michelle Corral and others will be going to the Holy Land to walk amongst the streets where Jesus and the Apostles walked. 

Experience an event of a lifetime: Israel on the Feast of the Tabernacle.

Poland 2023 – Refugee House Being Established

–  Itinerary duration MID 2023

In February 2022, Russia invaded the Ukraine, forcing 6.4 million Ukrainians to flee their homes and their country. Leaving a third of the population displaced. 

90% of the people fleeing are women and children. They do not have access to food, clothing, shelter, nor medications, hygiene and psychological assistance necessities.

In Poland, there are 1,274,130 refugees that are in need of aid. Chesed for Humanity has purchased a home in Poland in order to bring relief to these suffering people. 

There are about 30-35 within our home in Sieraków, Poland. Everyday, the families await to hear whether or not their loved ones, who are not with them, are still alive and well. 

You can help these suffering people by sowing your seed today.