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Request A Prayer Pray For Someone Share This Page
Request A Prayer Pray For Someone Share This Page

Submitting a prayer request on is a simple, yet profound way to seek support and share your burdens with a community of believers. To submit your request, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Prayer Request Portal: Find the ‘Add a comment’ white box.
  2. Enter Your Prayer Details: Share your prayer request in the provided space. Remember, you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.
  3. Choose Your Posting Preference:
    • Anonymous Submission: If you prefer privacy, your request can be posted without your name. It will be manually reviewed before going live.
    • Instant Posting with Account: For immediate posting, sign in using Google, Twitter, or your email.
  4. Pray for Others: While you’re here, take a moment to read and pray for other requests, fostering a spirit of communal support.

Our community believes in the power of prayer. By joining in prayer for others, you contribute to a network of faith and hope that spans the globe. Here’s how you can be involved:

  • Regularly Visit the Prayer Wall: Take time each day or week to read through the requests and pray.
  • Leave Encouraging Comments: Using, you can offer words of support and encouragement to those in need.
  • Share Your Prayer Experiences: If a particular prayer has touched your heart, share your experience to inspire others. Share this page with others that may need prayers or can help pray for others.

We celebrate each story of hope and answered prayers. These testimonies serve as powerful reminders of God’s faithfulness:

  • Real Stories from Our Community: Read how prayers have been answered and lives changed.
  • Share Your Testimony: If you’ve experienced an answer to your prayers, share your story to encourage others.
  • Witness the Power of Prayer: These testimonies highlight the impactful results of communal prayer and faith.

Each week, we unite in prayer around a specific theme or global issue, amplifying the power of our prayers:

  • Weekly Themes: Themes are announced on the site and through our newsletter.
  • Participate in Global Prayer: Join believers worldwide in praying for these focused topics.
  • Share Insights and Prayers: Use to share your prayers or insights related to the weekly focus, fostering a global prayer conversation.

By participating in these prayer initiatives, you’re not just submitting a request; you’re joining a global family committed to supporting each other and witnessing the power of prayer in action.

Thank you for your generosity.
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Chesed International Charity was founded in 2009 by Dr. Michelle Corral and has provided aid to thousands of people and organizations in suffering nations.

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